The Maternity Concierge Business Builders - Kit

After launching 2000 parent coaching businesses, we know the exact tools you need to grow your business faster, and we've included them in our new Maternity Business Builders Kit!

Lifetime access to our industry-leading business courses:

Baby Planner University

Baby Gear Experts Training

Baby Pro Business Plan

Online trainings, editable forms and the exact steps to develop your services, sell them and editable forms for you to make your own. Plus business development trainings for you to master the entrepreneur side of your company such as marketing, branding, website set up, design and social media. 

Over 18 hours of business trainings for you to access at your own pace and you build your business. 

Plus 4 popular parenting classes for you to rename and launch as your own! 

  1. Baby Dream Gear Class Series
  2. First Outing with Baby
  3. Developmental Play with Baby (bonding with baby)
  4. Nursery Function Design

All classes are ready to teach and include complete powerpoint presentations, complete teacher guides, and added necessary forms per class, logos and marketing samples for you to promote and sell. 

Teach your classes online, to groups or privately for your clients. Charge for your classes to increase your revenue. 

Edit and rename our classes to make them your own. 




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