How long will it take to get through this course?

We’ll guide you through every step of the program at your pace. Most of our members finish the course in 4-6 weeks working on it part time.

How long will I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access to Baby Pro. As long as we have this program, you will have access with a current membership or lifetime plan. 

What results can I expect?

You’ll have your completed business launch plan, a brand you love and you’ll know exactly how to market it.

How long will it take me to see results from this program?

Baby Pro is results based and each lesson is designed to apply immediately for instant results in your business or business planning.

I’ve never taken an online course and not sure if it’s a good fit?

This course is designed for all learning styles and delivers training in video, audio and worksheet formats for everyone to find their groove.

Is The Baby Pro Business Plan for Doulas or RNs? 

Yes. We've had hundreds of Doulas and healthcare professionals come through our programs in the past few years and created this program specifically for those who want proven, actionable business coaching without the baby planning side. 

Do you offer a refund? 

Yes. If you pay in full and get into the program and don't receive the business building results we promise. We are so confident that this program is what you need, upon your request we'll ask for you to turn in all of your work, completed tasks, marketing and branding strategies and action items we teach you, so that we know you really tried and did the work. You have 30 days from purchase to request a refund.  

If you are on a monthly plan, you can simply cancel at any time. Monthly fees will not be prorated. 


How much will coaching will be given in the Facebook community?

April Beach and team will be taking questions in week in her main SweetLife Business Community Facebook group or on her business Facebook page. These sessions are for questions regarding the podcast of the week. If you'd like additional support, we recommend you schedule with April privately. Please email [email protected] for rates and options. 

Can I share my access with co-workers?

With lifetime membership plans, you are welcome to share your Baby Planner University access.

Baby Pro Business Plan access is for one person only. 

What is the difference between Baby Pro Business Plan and Baby Planner University? 

The Baby Pro Business Plan is for all businesses and covers branding, marketing, logos, websites, social media, how to write a business plan and other essential business launch trainings that all companies need.

Baby Planner University is an in depth step by step program for those who want more help developing their services or to add maternity consulting to their existing business or launch a new maternity/parent coaching/baby planning business, and want the exact training and forms to do so. 

What is the difference between Baby Planner Inc. and SweetLife Company is the main HQ for female entrepreneur business coaching in all industries. Baby Planner Inc. is a specialty division of dedicated to supporting maternity industry pros. 

The Baby Pro Business PlanTM, was once embedded within Baby Planner UniveristyTM. Over the years more and more unique, creative, business mamas have been walking through our door {which has been awesome}. Each mompreneur has a different vision and not all want to offer "baby planning" services {see Baby Planner University to do that}. So, we've decided to create your very own Baby Pro Business Plan to meet every birth pro, doula and baby pro's business launch and marketing needs!

The new and updated business plan will deliver even more great information for your business such as social media marketing, website development, how to reach your perfect clients, virtual coaching, blogging and more! 




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