5 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now, To Grow Your Birth Business

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2017

You love what you do so much, you’d do it for free... And I’m here because I love to help ladies just like you, to build a thriving practice you’ll love forever! Geesh so much LOVE! So my friend… I wanted to give you 5 simple things you can do right now, to grow a thriving birth business.

“Do what you love doing.” Julianna Margulies

You don’t have to be a business pro to be successful! As a matter of fact, most doulas I work with would prefer not to be a business master. They love what they do and they want to keep the heart before the hustle. But they also want to provide for their family and build a wait list of clients begging for their attention!

Who doesn’t? 

Instantly download the “8 Steps to Successfully Launch Your Doula Business” Guide below.

You’re not asking too much by wanting to grow a healthy and thriving practice. And you don’t have to...

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Grow Your Doula Business with these Baby Planning Services

Uncategorized May 23, 2016

What is a Baby Planner - Maternity Coach? A personal coach for new and expecting families.

What is a Doula? “A woman who serves” particularly with special training to support birth, breastfeeding and postpartum needs.

If you’re a doula you offer tireless coaching and commitment to your mamas. They rely on you and you do not fail. You offer emotional and physical support and coaching, in addition to practical advice, organization and product recommendations. These later services, which are not considered part of many doula packages, are what we call “baby planning”… and you are ALREADY DOING IT! You recommend products, resources, service providers and more. You tirelessly assure that your clients are getting everything they need and you work to deliver the best complete client care. This, my friend, is also a huge aspect of baby planning and I believe that your service pricing should reflect this additional level of time, commitment and...

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Rethinking Mompreneur Strategy Sessions

Strategy and planning meetings sound so fun when you're a mompreneur. You love to connect with others that are on your team, you affiliate with, or collaborate with. However, unless you have a very specific action item you are discussing- which is usually not the case- a strategy meeting just means you have a fun day talking about all the things you want to do.

Strategy meetings in Mompreneur Land mean that you're getting together with a bunch of other ladies that have toddlers running around and, of course, there are always interruptions. I understand and get it; this is where you are and I was there too. I had three kids under the age of four and launched my company when my youngest was six weeks old, I totally understand the chaos of launching a business with babies and the need for support and connection with other women in business to help you be successful.

Ask yourself: What's really the cost of being at the strategy session?


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In To Loving Hands {the movie}

giving first Feb 06, 2016

Sometimes we just need to stop, and watch, and listen to someone else’s heart and story… like right now. {There is absolutely nothing I need to write with this post.}

Please visit for more. Please consider making a donation.  I know personally how much every dime counts when you’re fighting for something. Donate here. 

Count Your Blessings Mamas,



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FREE Business Strategy? Wow that feels good!

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2016

Seriously! When was the last time someone “tithed” their time into you? Though I’ve always donated 10% of my consulting time for probono work since 2007, I can’t remember when the last time some wanted to pour into me!  For FREE! And it felt sooooo good!

This week I was honored to have over an hour with the Founder of CEO Space in which time he poured years of vast knowledge and wealth into me and encouraged my professional vision. I did not seek this opportunity, it came to me. It was unsolicited and no strings attached. He wanted to help me and saw great things for my brand.  It made me feel activated, motivated and on fire! So, it made me think… When was the last time someone poured into you? What would you ask for if they offered?

What is the #1 thing you want/need coaching on for your business?


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