Grow Your Doula Business with these Baby Planning Services

Uncategorized May 23, 2016

What is a Baby Planner - Maternity Coach? A personal coach for new and expecting families.

What is a Doula? “A woman who serves” particularly with special training to support birth, breastfeeding and postpartum needs.

If you’re a doula you offer tireless coaching and commitment to your mamas. They rely on you and you do not fail. You offer emotional and physical support and coaching, in addition to practical advice, organization and product recommendations. These later services, which are not considered part of many doula packages, are what we call “baby planning”… and you are ALREADY DOING IT! You recommend products, resources, service providers and more. You tirelessly assure that your clients are getting everything they need and you work to deliver the best complete client care. This, my friend, is also a huge aspect of baby planning and I believe that your service pricing should reflect this additional level of time, commitment and organization you manage for your clients.

Formally adding “baby planning” (which we’ve established you’re already doing) can be an excellent way to communicate your dedication to full client care and set your doula practice apart from others. It reflects a deeper more thorough level of commitment and can also significantly increase your passive income, which all “work from wherever” mamas love and appreciate.

Download our FREE GUIDE “Best Baby Planning Services for Doulas”, and see what you’re already doing!



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