Rethinking Mompreneur Strategy Sessions

Strategy and planning meetings sound so fun when you're a mompreneur. You love to connect with others that are on your team, you affiliate with, or collaborate with. However, unless you have a very specific action item you are discussing- which is usually not the case- a strategy meeting just means you have a fun day talking about all the things you want to do.

Strategy meetings in Mompreneur Land mean that you're getting together with a bunch of other ladies that have toddlers running around and, of course, there are always interruptions. I understand and get it; this is where you are and I was there too. I had three kids under the age of four and launched my company when my youngest was six weeks old, I totally understand the chaos of launching a business with babies and the need for support and connection with other women in business to help you be successful.

Ask yourself: What's really the cost of being at the strategy session?


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